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I started my photography journey 
by photographing flowers...

When I was about 13 years old my dad had a Canon camera sitting around the house and one day I picked it up, went out to the front yard and started taking pictures of flowers. I remember the first one I was ever proud of was a purple/pink lily; I even entered it in the county fair; but that was the start of it all...After that I gradually started photographing people and turns out I loved it! Photographing flowers and people gave me the opportunity to be outside in nature (One of the things I love). Whenever I can be outdoors and incorporate photography you can guarantee I am a happy camper. If you're a fun loving, adventurous and in love couple then I am the photographer for you. I want to take your photos in wildflower fields, the mountains, up on a cliff and everywhere else. You don't need a perfect backdrop for perfect photos, you just need to be up for a little adventure and hire an adventurous photographer (that's where I come in).

My favorite part of my job is getting to capture everyone’s uniqueness!

I don't want to be your basic photographer; you know, the one who does the same thing as everyone else. I want you to feel like your photos really show your love and personality. With me every session is different to each couple. Your session will not be the same as the person before you or after you. 

Two truths and a lie:

1.) I spent a month traveling Europe with my cousin.

2.) I spent 2 weeks in Kenya volunteering for a Women's Economic Empowerment Program

3.) I graduated with a degree in photography in college

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I graduated with a degree in photography in college. - False, I am a self taught photographer and graduated with my B.S in Interior Design from Illinois State University (Best school ever btw)! 


I’m not typically someone who has A "favorite" BUT I love:

National Parks / Traveling

Plants, GARDENING, & Flowers!

My Kittos; Olive, Pebbles and Lilo


70’s and Indie Music

Taking photos! Duh!

Made it this far? Yeah, we are the perfect match! 

So, lets chat all things photos & adventure:

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