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Traveling allows me to experience new things and see new places. I love seeing the US (and the world) so everytime I travel domestically I try to go to one of the 62 National Parks in the US. To date I’ve visited 22 of them and you best believe that I bring my camera along every time! Traveling provides me with the opportunity to take photos in amazing places from the west coast to east coast and everywhere in between. Everytime I visit someplace new I want to capture that memory and beauty for how it was forever. I’ve always wished there was someone there to take pictures of me. I can almost guarantee you’ve felt the same way...I want you to look back at your pictures and remember all the fun times you had. Book me for your next vacation so all your photos aren't low quality cell phone selfies.


What are destination sessions?

Destination sessions are sessions where I come out to where you're traveling and photograph you there. It's a great opportunity to have a regular session with me in a place that might be new to you, it might be where you vacation all the time or somewhere that's really special to you.

So, how does it work?

For a destination session, you'll tell me where you're going and when you plan on traveling. Once you send me that information I will send out a custom proposal to you. The investment varies based on the location; all proposals will include information on locations, times we can shoot, and the fees associated with travel such as accommodations and transportation. The travel costs will also vary based on location.

2023 Travel Schedule

Belize, Central america

silver bay, mn
Nashville, tn

-fall 2023 / tbd

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